5 Ways to Leverage Pity For Your Homemade Craft Business

Every Etsy shop owner knows that triggering pity in your customers is more important than the price or quality of your product. Skip tricky emotions like pride and your entrepreneurial spirit and make sure customers feel just bad enough to buy your product. Here’s how to knock your crafts down a peg to kick your sales up a notch:

Businesswoman shouting her victory to the world
Celebrate You With a Post-Abortion “ME” Day

Having an abortion can be stressful. But now that it’s over, it’s time to turn the focus back on you. Ease those blues with these fun activities that will get you back in touch with the most important person of all: YOURSELF!

Foods That Look Vegan

Having a party, but don’t have the time to avoid animal products? Just because other people want to reduce their carbon footprint doesn’t mean that you have to do go down with them. Here are some non-vegan food substitutes you can whip up when your pro-animal-life pals swing by — they won’t even taste the difference!

Drugs for Moms
Not So Bad Drugs For Moms

Today’s work-at-home mom doesn’t have the social approval or the wherewithal to get high like she did before having children. The time and money spent driving to her dealer’s house combined with the surging cost of quality street drugs, prevents some WAHMs from properly medicating their time with their children. Which drugs can concerned moms count on to enhance their parenting faculties without making them look like bad parents?