Woman Finds Herself
Woman Finds Herself While Spring Cleaning

Kelly Borenstein goes through her wardrobe every spring, throwing out old duds and making room for this season’s finds. But this year, she found more than the romper that rides up a little too high: she stumbled upon her true self.

E-Cigarette Company Launches New E-Birth Control

Due to the popularity of their E-Cigarette line, Blu E-Cigs have announced that they will launch a new brand of birth control called the “E-Pill.” E-Pill is designed to mimic the effects of a traditional birth control pill by having women inhale a vapor that stops the body from ovulating.

Bride Requests Facebook Likes in Lieu of Gifts
Bride Requests Facebook ‘Likes’ on Wedding Album In Lieu of Gifts

After a disappointing amount of ‘Likes’ on the couple’s engagement photos – black-and-whites of Lily and her fiancé, Tom, snuggling on hay bales outside a barn – Anderson is not taking any chances. Instead of registering for blenders and sheets, the bride asked that all wedding guests ‘Like’ all photos in the Facebook album that will be uploaded immediately following the ceremony.