Style: Things You Can Put in Your Pockets

When it comes to dresses and skirts, nothing adds that special touch of whimsy like pockets. As a modern woman with places to go, you instinctually know you have things you should be putting in your pockets. But just what are those things?! Here’s a run-down of some must-have items to keep in your pockets.

tiny dogs
5 Tiny Dogs to Cover Your Winter Bloat

Spring is around the corner, and you won’t be able to shroud your holiday indulgences in a cowl neck sweater under a down jacket wrapped in a circle scarf anymore. There’s only one fashion-forward solution that will distract unwanted eyes from your extra pounds: carry an adorable, tiny dog! Here are the most popular tiny dogs to hold until you finally finish that juice cleanse:

Spring Looks That Show You’re Desperate to Find a Boyfriend

Spring will turn into summer before you know it, and the last thing you want is to be caught at a beach party or barbeque without a handsome guy on your arm. Fear not: these new spring looks blend the best of haute couture and man-hunting desperation:

Bang Cutting Addiction
How to Resist the Urge to Cut Your Own Bangs

The urge to save money by trimming your own bangs is a dangerous one. Not just any layperson can cut a small portion of hair into a straight line. Attempting to do so could cost you job opportunities, romantic interests, and your overall sense of self-worth.