How to Make Your Summer More…Summery!

Something’s missing from your summer. To sum it up, your summer needs more summer. Summon a summer spirit with the sumptuous summer solutions below!


Quit your job!!!

The most summery thing you can do this summer is to drop all responsibilities so you can soak up the sun and collect unemployment! Bonus points if you quit with a Corona in hand!

Tattoo tan the word “casual” onto your skin to let everyone know how laid back your summer is going to be!

Feel like “word” tattoos are too serious for summer? Try a hammock or palm tree! Or a Corona!

Leave all of your windows open to revamp your summer atmosphere.

Let in a breeze, and maybe some raccoons. Whatever, it’s SUMMER!

Turn on the hottest summer jams at full blast.

This’ll drive out all the raccoons when they start harshing your buzz.

Make everything popsicles.

Everything. Soda, margaritas, quesadillas, throw pillows…put it in the freezer and stick a stick in it. Summer is all about licking cold things!!! Popsicles might also appease the raccoons.

Use string lights and a bonfire to have an outdoorsy summer campout in your backyard while the whole raccoon thing is sorted out.

This is also a great place to hide out from noise complain-y neighbors and money-hungry landlords. Sit back and relazzzz!
In summary, have the most summery summer ever! Because, remember: it’s summer’s eve not summer’s sleaves. Hang loose!

by Sarah Hubschman