4 Outfits You Should Totally Encourage Your Pretty Friend to Buy

There’s no better stylist than a friend, and you owe it to your pretty friends to spread that fashion love. Especially because this season’s hottest outfits are not going to work with your short legs and broad shoulders. These outfits are exactly what to tell your pretty friend to buy this season so she can look the way you only wish you could: (more…)

Too Wet

Are You Too Old for Smiling?

Everyone wants to be happy, but science shows that it might not be worth it. Smiling creates lines and wrinkles that grow deeper as you age, much like the cuts your razor will make as your shaky old-woman hands try to maintain some semblance of a youthful appearance. (more…)

no shave

Why Your Body Hair Makes It Difficult For Others to Live

Let’s face the facts: the only way to make the flawed female form attractive enough to bear is painstaking maintenance. But did you know that your excessive, un-groomed hair follicles are decreasing the quality of life of everyone around you? Here’s why: (more…)

No Makeup Selfie

Makeup Tricks For #NoMakeup Selfies

Natural beauty is the best beauty, and #NoMakeup selfies are the perfect way to remind us of that empowering truth. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out that natural beauty by evening out and brightening up your dull, blotchy complexion! With these tips, your carefully planned #iwokeuplikethis selfie will make you look like nature’s masterpiece, without all those pesky imperfections: (more…)


The Best Looks for Standing Outside of New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week just wrapped up; where the masses descended upon Lincoln Center to take capture their own sartorial elegance near people that were taking more important people’s pictures. Here were our favorite poses for loitering outside last week’s biggest shows: (more…)

Lost Leggings

Fashion Finds: Seriously, Where Are My Leggings?

Spring 2014 glam kicks off as soon as we find my leggings! You know, the pair I wore on Monday? You’ve seen this lovable fashion trending in my top drawer, my gym bag or…I don’t know where else. I’m racking my brain! (more…)


One Outfit: 30 Dark Days!

With a few styling tricks, you can wear the same simple maxi dress for a month and it won’t be considered a cry for help. All you need is $19.99 and one failed dream to dwell upon! Now, let us show you how to accessorize the dress AND ward off the inevitable questions about your well-being. (more…)

Cate Blanchett

The Single Best Face for Any Haircut!

We all know the best haircuts for your face shape, but a group of professional stylists recently discovered one perfect face for any haircut (spoiler alert: it’s Cate Blanchett!). So throw in the towel now, because you’re never going to look as good as Cate with these popular hairstyles: (more…)